Saturday, January 14, 2012

project quilting season 3 - challenge 1

DSC_0088, originally uploaded by gock's frocks.

Project Quilting season 3 - challenge 1

"room with a view" - architectural challenge

Kristen Hallagan - Rochester, NY

so.... we were challenged this week to design a quilted entry with architectural inspiration. We were also encouraged to "think outside the box", I attempted to do both!

I was inspired by this flickr photo
which got me thinking about the architectural element of lattices.... []

and.... I got thinking about the challenge to "think outside the box" which led me to design a piece that was quilted but not displayed as a traditional quilted piece might be but rather displayed in a large wooden hoop, as might be used for hand quilting.

I also wanted to incorporate some textural elements which led me to the 3D felted wool flowers that are "growing" on the lattice.

This challenge led to a little lose of sleep as I thought about how I wanted to approach it but in the end I was very pleased with what I came up with - though I think it will be quite different from most of the other entries!