Friday, February 24, 2012

Project Quilting.....

this week's challenge is inspired by barn quilts.

Your project must include at least one block that would make a great barn quilt.
Official barn quilts are usually 8 feet square, but you can make yours any size you choose.
The block can be manipulated and/or incorporated into a larger project, or it can stand on its own.
Both the block and the project must have a name. It is OK for the name of each to be the same, but it is not necessary.

so... I put on my thinking cap ... as usual, I could not make a regular quilt but had to "think outside the box" as Kim suggested....

I love barns and I love barn quilts but since we spend more of our near the lake I decided to put a nautical spin on my the barn quilt block in my design.

Name: Little Barn by the Beach
created in Rochester NY
size 18"x18"

I used the first letter of each of our names, K,P,L,E and the signal flags that represent each letter to create a "barn block"

I decided to make a wonky barn/house block incorporating the barn quilt on the front of the barn. I have long loved the wonky house blocks I have seen on flickr .... then I realized that I had 1 afternoon to get my project done as we were heading out of town for a long weekend! Originally I was going to make a small quit for the wall but as I played with colors and fabrics I decided this block would make a perfect pillow for my sons newly redecorated room! He is also my sailor so the signal flags are right up his alley!

I did not have my good machine with the walking foot to quilt this so the quilting was not as fancy as I might have tried but I had fun with it anyways! spikes for the grass, boards on the barn, shingles for the roof, swirls in the sky ....and best of all...he loves it!