Saturday, June 28, 2008

CSA Share - Week 2

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this time I remembered to pick up my produce! Rosy red radishes, spinach, 2 types of lettuce and potatoes for Leo's new potato shooter!

got any ideas for yummy recipes? Just let me know!

Friday, June 27, 2008

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aren't they sweet! Eily had a playdate & I promised them dresses for their American girl Dolls...........well, that turned into dresses for their dolls & dresses for the girls LOL...

I thought they were too cute to resist! Look for their dresses on ETSY!

What in the World?????

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This is one of our favorite is something you can eat

does anyone know what these are???? The 1st to name them will receive a prize sent near or far!

so take a guess.....see if I say YES!

what could it a comment and we'll see!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

CSA Bounty - week 1

So, the story continues......

last Friday was my first pick-up day for my produce delivery from the CSA Farm that I joined...see this post for more info on CSA's.

I had it marked on my calendar - I was SO excited to get it (do you see where this is going yet??)....well Sat morning about 11am...I am thinking about lunch and open the frig door to see what I might make. As I look at the lack of fruits & veggies I think to myself - "Wow, I really need to go to the market" at about that exact moment I come to the realization that I FORGOT to pick up my produce share on Friday! What the heck?!?!?

I quickly track down the phone number where I was supposed to pick it up - call them profusely apologizing & hop in the car to head over to get it! Egads - I would forget my head if it were not attached!

So....this is what we got with our first delivery!

Isn't it fresh! I quickly washed the lettuce & radishes and made an oh so yummy salad for lunch....

some lettuce, radish, chick peas, sugar snap peas, roasted potatoes, blue cheese stuffed green olives and a dijon vinagrette! I poured myself a glass of chilled white wine, disappeared into the dining room sans children and pretended I was in a small French bistro in the South of France enjoying a late lunch with friends! mmmmm I think I am going to like this CSA thing!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Front Page on ETSY!!!!!!!

whoo hooo - I am featured in a treasury that made the front page on etsy! How exciting ;)
check out all of the lovely items here
Preparing for our first foray into.........CSA - Community Supported Agriculture

I am so excited for tomorrow! We have purchased a share in a local farm and will be receiving our first delivery of locally grown , fresh produce tomorrow afternoon!

The list of goodies for June includes:
Arugula, , beets, radishes, Swiss chard, salad-mix, spinach, turnips, parsley, sugar snap-peas, zucchini, cilantro, dill, basil, green beans, scallions....

I am hoping this will get my kids to eat more vegetables and to try new varieties! If any of you faithful readers have any tasty recipes using these veggies & herbs I would LOVE to have them!

I am also investigating another local CSA for fruit! They are reported to grow gooseberries

which I fell in love with when we lived in Poland but have had a very hard time finding locally....

well, I am off to peruse some cook books & have lunch with my kids at school...enjoy the day!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Etsy is having a Yart Sale!

~~~~~ Wednesday, June 11- Friday, June 20 ~~~~~
FIRST ANNUAL KICKOFF TO SUMMER YART SALE ~ An Artistic Slant to a traditional Yard Sale. 10 day countdown to the first Day of Summer.

I have decided to join the fun & have marked down my ready to ship sets from the Vida Collection!

go check out the fun!!!

a little quiz..........

in honor of the Clovergirls Becoming Jane launch I thought I would post the link to a fun little quiz I found online....answer the questions to find out which Jane Austen character you are most like!

just call me elinor dashwood!

I am Elinor Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

something for the boys.........

or girls, or moms or dads in your life! My oldest has been asking for his own gock's frocks I put on my thinking cap to come up with something that would pass the middle school boy coolness test!

as a result.......Text Tees ........ were born! That's right - your favorite text message on a tee!

Klem is modeling ROTFLMBO - rolling on the floor laughing my butt off! you choose the message & I will applique it to a tee for you!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Becoming Jane.....

come & check out a Jane Austen inspired launch with the Clovergirls on ebay!

I am offering a custom 2 piece set in sizes 6mo - choose the color palate.

Emma on ebay....

Sunday, June 08, 2008

shuffling off to Buffalo..............

last minute I have decided to head to Buffalo for the Buffalo Indie Market since I have so much inventory on hand. The 3 kids are tagging along (wish me luck!) as my husband is out of town on business!

the kids are all very excited and planning on making/bringing a few of their own things to sell....Leo (6) has been busy needlefelting (even took it to little league!) and eily is going to make some cards...Klem will be modeling my latest for the boys!

I will post pics later from our adventure together today!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Fresh from New York City.............

the Vida Collection & on ETSY ! One of a kind skirt sets ready to ship! No 2 are identical - dress your child in a true original from gock's frocks!

also available...The Babycakes Collection - one fo a kind onesie dresses ready to ship!

send me a convo before purchasing & I will edit the listing to give you free shipping! Just let me know you read about the offer on my blog!

if you are not familiar with etsy but are interested in one of the sets leave me a comment on my blog!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

good friends, good food, good FUN!
....the adventures of gock's frocks in NYC continued.....

well, we rolled home yesterday afternoon with a rather full car and a head full of memories. The trip was fantastic - even though the Market was not very well attended I felt it was a success on so many other levels.

Kudos first to my friend KIM
who graciously hosted us in her upper east side apartment - the perfect staging ground for so much fun. She is the best tour guide of NYC you could ever find....she also helped set-up, sit & sell, brought us a fabulous lunch....

My other partner in crime, who made the 5 1/2 hour trip with me and deserves a huge thanks is ERIN.
...she shared the driving, the lugging, the setting up & sitting and waiting for customers. These 2 ladies made the weekend so much easier for me & I want to send them a cyber thank you hug!

So....the excitement was in the air from the moment I hit the road. I think I was more excited to meet some of the people I have met over the past year selling online than to do the actual market. We got there bright & early at 8am and spent the next 2 hours setting up my space.

Then the fun began....meeting my online friends & seeing the other amazing talent that was at the show! share some more photos! 1st I got to meet Christine from GenMarie...we had been chatting on the phone the past few months in anticipation of the show but this was our 1st time meeting in person! Christine is a sweetheart & it was so much fun getting to know her the past few months....I am looking forward to seeing her again - maybe a trip to the garment district in NYC????

the next "friend" to wander in was Jordon from georgia grace designs on etsy! With her sweet southern charm and warm smile it was wonderful meeting her in person!

she had come into the city from NJ with her 3 year old twins, hubby and MIL! Thanks so much!

also in from NJ was the incredibly talented Geeta of Babette! fame! She and little Miss Lilah spent a good part of the afternoon hanging out with us

I couldn't get over how tiny Lilah is! When you see her on the computer & she fills the screen with all of her lovliness it is a surprise to see her walk in...she is too cute for words! It was such a treat to meet my first boutique friends!

I also had the chance to meet some wonderful new friends... talented, creative & friendly. I did not manage to get photos of everyone but here are a few goodies I did take....

these adorable dolls from WOOBERRY faced our both all day long.....

natalia from Lindamente had made the trip from Lisbon, Portugal!

Sebold Originals had made the trip from Wales and their felted wool creatures were true works of art!

more amazing art from cocoon desings....the detail, texture & imagination behind her work is fantastic!

and the lovely Melissa & her mom from Little Girl Pearl...they had come in from NH and her designs were simply delicious!

for more photos from the show head over to my flickr account!

In all, even though the outcome of the show was a bit of a disappointment it was a great learning experience and opportunity to make new friends and meet old ones...and I will have a very well stocked ETSY store! Head over to grab some of the goodies that made their NYC debut and are now available on etsy!