Sunday, June 08, 2008

shuffling off to Buffalo..............

last minute I have decided to head to Buffalo for the Buffalo Indie Market since I have so much inventory on hand. The 3 kids are tagging along (wish me luck!) as my husband is out of town on business!

the kids are all very excited and planning on making/bringing a few of their own things to sell....Leo (6) has been busy needlefelting (even took it to little league!) and eily is going to make some cards...Klem will be modeling my latest for the boys!

I will post pics later from our adventure together today!


Anonymous said...

How much fun!! Good luck. I hope it goes well. My kids love going with me. They like spending what I make! ;)

modkidboutique said...

How did it go, Kristen???

I love your new blog header... they look like flower girls from the 60s. :)