Tuesday, May 25, 2010

show me the love!

I love my customers and am always tickled to see the photos they send me in their gock's frocks ... I'd like to share a few I recently received and encourage you to send me photos of your gock's frocks in action!

Hard to believe she just had a baby!!!

and isn't she scrumptious! I so miss that age!!! thanks again for sharing - keep them coming!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Grandfather...

if he were still alive we would be celebrating his 90th birthday!Hard ot believe he has been gone for 10 years!

My little man Leo played the trumpet in honor of his great grandfather whose father had played the coronet in John Philips Sousa's band during WWI ...

happy birthday gramps!




Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sharing some new designs....

I recently had the good luck of working with Carrie Daly of Daly Moments Photography in photographing some of my new spring designs....

she specializes in natural light photography (my favorite) and the weather in Michigan finally cooperated for her to get some great shots outdoors...

enjoy and pop over to etsy if you are interested in purchasing any of these!






Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Read All About it!

In honor of creative mothers our local paper ran an article on mothers day that featured 3 local creative moms and their kids and gock's frocks was one of the moms featured! The kids were thrilled to see themselves in the paper!


Here is an excerpt of my part of the story...

Finding time to engage in creative endeavors in the midst of diaper changes, soccer practices and carpools can be a constant challenge. But some local artists have found ways to nourish their creativity by building businesses around their talents.

“I’ve always loved creating,” says local children’s clothing designer Kristen Hallagan. “I needed an outlet for all I wanted to do.”

Kristen Hallagan’s grandmother taught her to sew when she was 8 years old.

The 41-year-old has had a passion for creating things since. When she was in college, she sewed hand-crafted hair holders and designed T-shirts for a Regatta team.

Yet she decided to become a teacher. When her third child was born, she chose to stay home with her children.

And she was still sewing. In 2003, Hallagan decided to sell some of her children’s clothing designs at the Rochester Public Market during the Christmas season. She initially called her business “Crazy Mama,” because “I (was) crazy for trying to do this with three young kids.”

She eventually renamed her business, Gock’s Frocks, in honor of her grandmother, Betty Gocker. She started selling on eBay and then Etsy. Her business was an “outlet” for her.

She’s always had the art of design, now she learned the art of pricing and marketing her children’s and women’s clothing.

She has gradually increased her output, and had outgrown the basement, spilling her colorful skirts and dresses into the children’s playroom. She now rents a studio in the Hungerford Building by the Public Market and works there while her children — Klem, 13, Eily, 10, and Leo, 8 — are in school.

“How do I do it and give it 100 percent and everything I want to do?” she would often ask of her art business. “That’s the challenge for any mom.”

But, as with any artist, “the creative part would have come out at some point — you can’t suppress it,” Hallagan says.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


I didn't realize I had become so lax in my blog posting - I am having too much fun at the studio and I have no internet down there that I have sufficiently neglected my updates.

I have been busy working on lots of new goodies - new skirts for women, a small collection for the girls and celebrating birthdays here at home. I have even managed to try out some new recipes that I will share with you later this week.

Today I would love to show off my new skirts for women - I love photographing at the studio - great light, simple background... these can be found in my etsy shop

sour cherry


chocolate breeze

spring berries