Monday, September 14, 2009

DIY desk Organizers....

With back to school in full swing I thought I would share one of our ideas for organizing the kids desk drawers. We have older, second hand desks that sport deep drawers...easy to fill up with junk and hard to find anything in! After seeing what was available to buy in the stores I decided we could fashion our own that would be just as nice & personalized to match each kid.

for this project you will need:

1. empty boxes such as cereal, tissue, cracker boxes
2. tape (we used duct tape but packing or scotch would work too)
3. decorative paper - or if you want to be really eco-friendly, use the sunday funnies when you are done with them
4. pencil
5. scissors

shower 067

Step One: select a height that you would like the organizer to be - probably a couple of inches...but if it is going into a shallow drawer you might want to measure the height of the drawer to be sure it will fit.

shower 068

2. we taped our box together along the upper edges as it came open after we cut it...adds a little strength too....

3. trace the outline of the bottom of the box on a piece of decorative paper - cut slightly inside the lines and place paper in bottom of box

shower 069

4. trace each side of box on decorative paper and tape to each side of box - we wrapped tape over the top edge to reinforce it

shower 070

shower 071

5. place in drawer and fill with goodies!

shower 074

there are lots of ways to personalize these boxes...add your child's name, label the box with what will be put in it, for younger children they could cut photos out of magazines of what they will place inside....the options are endless!

Hope you have fun with this idea...if you make some yourself I would love to see your photos!