Friday, September 14, 2007

End of Week 1...

first full week of school that far so good for everybody.

Klem comes home more talkative than ever telling us stories about Mrs V and her 2 little boys. It is so wonderful to see him so animated and talkative about school...Ely gives the full fashion report at the end of her day...what her teacher had on, how high were her heels etc...& lovely, Leo...lets me know who had to go to the control area in gym or who threw up on the bus!

here are a few pics from their first day last week - ;)


Yummers! said...

I'm a first time visitor.

Your kiddies are adorable and their comments about school are so cute. I love your little girl's outfit. Did you make it? I only read today's post... so I'll go back and read a few pages to get to know you when I finish your comment.

I'm working on a dollhouse and spent the whole morning online looking for rugs. I think I'm going to have to weave one.
Nice to meet you!
Joni (from Yummers)

MyGirl*Elle Photography said...