Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Get your daily dose of Fiber!


Last weekend I headed south with the 3 kids to the local fiber festival - a long awaited adventure for all of the senses! It was a gorgeous day filled with fiber fun!
We figured out Leo's drop spindle,but still need to work on our drafting.... picked up some roving for everyone & added a couple more spindles to our collection.


Eily (wearing her fabulous new set from Dayna of My*Unbirthday)had a chance to work on her weaving a bit while Leo held the most gorgeous angora bunny...he almost had me convinced we needed to add it to our menagerie at home but then I came to my senses!



the colors and textures were intoxicating, inspiring and the perfect way to spend a fall day! Be sure you get your daily dose of fiber!



lissilulu said...

oh my gosh...that yarn on the end has me wanting to sqeeze it...I would love to sew it on top of clothing in designs... :o)
looks like a great day for you guys

Nic said...

how very cool...i wishwishwish we'd have a fiber festival round these here parts, or perhaps a general textile festival...yum!

and i love the outfit from dayna, she does impeccable work.