Monday, December 15, 2008

A Star is Born....

...or should I say, A Store is Born!


I have just opened a second shop on etsy...Betty's closet.

This shop will be stocked with fabric and other fun crafting goodies that I find. I have a stash of vintage patterns I will be listing here as well as some vintage trims and Andalucia ribbons.

So how does someone named Kristen who has a store named gock's frocks open a store named Betty's Closet you may ask??? Well...a little history is in order.

I originally chose the name - gock's frocks as my maiden name is Gocker and it was my grandma, Betty Gocker who taught me to sew MANY years ago!


when I would go to her house and we would work on a project together we always went to the closet in her sewing room to gather our goodies...pins, measuring tape, patterns, fabric, thread and more...Betty's Closet.

Thus...a store was born!


Island Girl said...

That's awesome!!

nic said...

lovely new store, kristen! and what a sweet grandma you have there.

Lauren ~ Bei Tesori Boutique said...

I love the concept of your new store. Especially, the meaning behind it!