Sunday, January 04, 2009

One Proud Mama!

Today was the start of the local ski racing season.

I was more than a bit nervous as I watched my sweet little 8 year old daughter join her class at the top of the hill for a GS race down a black diamond slope!

As is typical with East Coast skiing it was ICY! I had barely gotten down the hill gracefully myself in order to get to the finish for some photos and could not imagine her little body hurtling down the hill.

Last year she only had to ski from the mid-point down - this year she moved up to the big league!

eily lovejoy1

eily lovejoy3

She looked FABULOUS! and oh so brave! I was so proud....then my 6 year old lined up for his first official start of the season. He only had to start from the mid-point but I think he would have preferred to ski the whole course!

He was a rocket ship!

leo lovejoy1

fastest boy aged 6 and under and second fastest for the boys 7-8 years old! reminds me of his papa!

pete lovejoy1

acting like one of the kids!


nic said...

woah--that IS some hard-core skiing. they both look amazing, and good on ya for capturing such awesome shots.

stinkypeteandcompany said...

OH MY GOSH GAL-O!!!! Look at those little ones go!!!!

I am astounded at their grace and proficiency in a sport that I um...let's just say, "Do not excel at".

Yay for them!!!!!! And for you as well you proud proud mama!