Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Pillow Makeover...

....or another case of crafting ADD! Last Thursday I had the brilliant idea that we should have a surprise 75th birthday dinner for my FIL on Saturday. No sweat - 48 hours to clean & cook a dinner for 17!

While cleaning up the house I decided that the cranberry pillows on our couch were too christmasy/wintry and that I needed to bring a bit of spring into the I snuck down to my sewing room to see what I could whip up!

tutorial 093

I have long admired the log cabin squares that Jona of Stop Staring & Start Sewing fame has been working on so I decided to give it a try myself!

tutorial 095

attempt #1 - shades of aqua and celedon. Some Amy Butler, Erin McMorris and a touch of the new Oh Cherry Oh! It was so much fun I started in on another...

tutorial 097

some green & yellow this time - Heather Bailey, Amy Butler, Oh Cherry Oh!...I was really getting the hang of this & could see how Jona was addicted. So back to the basement I went...

tutorial 098

pinks & oranges this time....just needed one more to balance the couch!

tutorial 099
I think I saved the best for last! I went through the pile of strips I had cut for the other 3 pillows & started with Heather Ross's matryoshka's in lavender and ended up with my favorite pillow of the day!

I may attack the living room pillows next with Patty Young's Andalucia! Let me know what you think about the great pillow makeover!


Ellen said...

These are amazing! I would be proud to have these on my couch any day! Great work, thanks for sharing!

Amy said...


mo said...

I love them! They look fantastic all together that way. Looks like you have a nice stash to pull from!

nic said...

what do i think?! i think you need to pop on over to my pillows are suffering from serious makeover envy! nicely done, girl!