Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Trip to Washington - Part 1

2 weeks ago we snuck the kids out of school for 2 days to take them to Gettysburg & Washington DC. It just so happened that it was the peak weekend for the cherry blossoms and the festival was in full swing.

Our first stop was the Capitol ....we arrived Fri night& popped into the city to see the sites all lit up.

washington dc 063

washington dc 066

washington dc 069

washington dc 077

dinner in Chinatown after seeing the Capitol!

Saturday morning we headed back to the Mall to visit the Smithsonian and the monuments. Sunny but cold & WINDY! When we arrived the groups were lining up for the Cherry Blossom Parade - we got to see a really fun battle of the bands, te Cherry Blossom Queen and lots of other fun groups....

washington dc 136

washington dc 079

washington dc 157

washington dc 185

stay tuned for part 2!


MamiGirlBoutique said...

WISH I had known! We were in DC that weekend too! We only live 15 minutes away. ;) Looks like a fun time had by all!

Dawn said...

Being from Australia I thought the Smithsonian was only in the 'Bones' series....but wow...and love the pictures of the Capitol building....Kids look like they are having so much fun.....Must visit there one day!!!!!

LilyHaven said...

Wonderful pictures! I've never been to DC, so it was nice living vicariously through your families adventures. It looks like great fun!


xoxotova said...

I'm in dc too!! next time you better call...!!looks like you all had fun! xoxo's tanya