Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers day!!!

I wanted to use this post to share with you the special gift I made my mom this mothers day. My mom is truly one of a kind....she had me at 19 and even though she and my father were barely more than children themselves, they did a wonderful job raising my siblings and I.

My mom has always supported my endeavors wholeheartedly...and while she can not sew a seam or knit a stitch herself she is still interested in my creations and addictions. Well...this mother's day she may have started me on a new addiction.....

my parents have moved into a new house and my dad built a beautiful buffet that separates the dining room from the living room (maybe I get some of my creativity from him !?!?)...welll, I thought it would be fun to make a table runner for my mom for the new buffet...but I have never quilted before.

So a new challenge was set - and of course I waited until yesterday to start this project....have I mentioned before I procrastinate a bit???

so...I decided to use my favorite log cabin pattern - mix it up with my mom's favorite colors - blues, greens & purple....never having quilted before I made more than a few mistakes but in the end the result was pretty cool...

mothers day 085

mothers day 086

mothers day 091

mothers day 094

the edges got a bit wonky but it lends character to the piece...ha ha ha :0

so to my one of a kind mom - a true one of a kind gift!

thanks for helping me become the mom that I am today! I LOVE you!

fair haven, 4th of july, summer cruise 018


nic said...

holy moleys, that is a cool buffet runner! in my next life, i am going to be your mom.

JaimeSews said...

Great Job! WOW - colors are wonderful (not that I'm surprised!). love your wobly edge...hahaha. congrats on venturing into the quilting world - it's a great little corner of the sewing world!

Catherine Watts said...

I love this table runner and for some reason the wavey edge just adds an appeal to it.