Tuesday, June 02, 2009

It's Time for Tasty Tuesday!

I am trying to find some direction & focus for my blog and thought I might try adding a Tasty Tuesday post! Sharing a favorite meal, wine, dessert, beer...you name it! Anything tasty!

Last night we had a delicious dinner that was a hit all around so I thought I would share the recipe.

For the main course I altered a favorite shrimp dish to make it with chicken. Taken from one of my favorite cookbooks - Rao's Cookbook

I am pleased to present my spin on Chicken French!

3 whole(2-part) chicken breasts - pound thin
1.5 C flour
seasoned egg batter (see below)
1/2 - 1C veg oil
1C dry white wine
juice 1.5 lemons
salt & pepper to taste
6T butter
3T chopped parsley

*****seasoned egg batter ****
4 large eggs, 1/4C pecorino romano cheese, 2t parsley, slat & pepper to taste
in a small bowl whisk eggs, cheese, parsley, salt& pepper

chili 136


1. dredge each pounded chicken breast in flour then in seasoned egg batter. allow excess batter to drip off then dredge in flour again - set aside.

chili 138

2. Heat oil in large pan over medium high heat. When oil is hot place chicken in single layer (repeat if necessary)brown each side until chicken reaches internal temp of 165

3. After last batch of chicken has cooked and is still in pan drain excess oil

4. return pan to heat, add wine, lemon juice, salt & pepper bring to boil and add 2T butter - remove chicken to platter - raise heat and whisk in remaining butter. When sauce has thickened pour over chicken garnish with parsley and serve.

chili 141

we served this with pasta tossed with a dash of olive oil, fresh tomato, fresh basil & herbed feta.

chili 140

We served this with a nicely chilled glass of Tisdale Chardonnay - one of my favorite whites for summer - an unoaked chardonnay that is light and fruity for summer drinking.

chili 144



nic said...

wow, this looks amazing. you are confirming my theory that you're not really human...i suspect you are an engineered breed of domestic goddess. :)