Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Say Cheese....

After modeling for dear sweet mom for the past few years, Eily jumped at the chance to model for a bigger company and showed up at casting calls for Hasbro & Kodak last month....she booked both jobs!

I didn't think to take my camera to the Hasbro shoot but remembered at the Kodak shoot which was out on a farm and she had to herd geese! It was quite humorous watching about 8 adults trying to corral the geese to an area near her so she could run through and "herd" them. She was a real trooper as the shoot took 3 hours! Maybe now she will appreciate my 15 minute shoots a bit more!

kodak 065

kodak 099

kodak 142

and then she got to jump in a puddle!

kodak 181

kodak 193

kodak 212

look for her shots on Kodak.Com


kitschibi said...

Yes, but these 15 minutes will probably be more expensive now

Rebekah said...

How cute is she???
Love the puddle shot!

Chelsea said...

That is so AWESOME!