Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cool Runnings ....

with the winter olympics on the horizon we thought it would be fun to rent the old movie Cool Runnings about the Jamacian bobsled team

it was a huge hit with our little guy Leo... after the movie finished, he quietly disappeared for a bit...

you know what that means when they are little ... they are up to something! And even though he has hit the ripe old age of 7, he was still up to something!

Leo, king of creations at our house, had tracked down a cardboard box, some packing tape and tin foil and set about making his own bobsled!


his sister got in on the act and helped him decorate it with sharpies!

with sled in hand, Leo donned his ski race suit & helmet and headed for the course (otherwise known as the hill in the backyard)




a few steering issues needed to be fixed!


all in all Leo declared it to be a victory!... note the packing tape covering the bottom of the sled to make it slip over the snow better! this boy has great design ideas ...


watch our winter olympics - Leo is in training!


Michelle said...

too cute! It was a treat to meet you and leo last night! He does have divine design sense!