Thursday, March 18, 2010

A budding fashion designer...

goose 005

This morning, about 25 minutes before the bus was expected, Eily asked if I could make her a pink skirt to wear for school - you see, yesterday I managed to pull off a skirt and a pair of pants before the bus as we had no green to wear to school so now E thinks I am a miracle worker, speedy seamstress.

Not wanting to disappoint I sent her to get ready after she picked her fabrics...she also had definite ideas about the style - high waisted and poufy ... I made my yoga style waist and added elastic to the hem to give it the full look she wanted - the result, in my humble opinion was pretty cute!

I think I will offer these on etsy for the tween crowd...what do you think??

goose 001

goose 007


~April~ said...

I think it's adorable!

Sew Pretty Dresses said...

CUTE!!! You so inspire me!

nic said...

um...BEFORE school?! seriously? i can barely slap two pieces of bread around some peanut butter at that time of morning. you indeed are a speedy miracle worker, and on top of all that, it turned out fetching.