Sunday, September 19, 2010

How I spent last weekend....

Last weekend I had the honor of showing my goodies at a local juried art show that is held by our local Memorial Art Gallery each year. I was a bit nervous as the weather has been known to be rather nasty for this event but I managed to escape all but a brief shower on Sunday.

This was my first solo outdoor show and I was not sure what to expect with set-up and display.


I had a corner which was great for showing off my goodies and I had lots of time to look at my booth to see what was working and what wasn't...I would also love your ideas for better or different ways to show off my items.


my number one helper was there both days! couldn't do it without her!


happy customers donned their new skirts and took them for a test twirl!

I also added some new items in my inventory for those shoppers without little kids...reversible tote bags & tablecloths!



new knot tie jumpers


funky flower pins




Sew Pretty Dresses said...

Looks great! So many pretties, you have been busy girl! I bet it was so fun. I love your sign!