Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to Eily!!!!

well...this post is 1 day overdue, but not as overdue as Miss Eily was! It is hard to believe that our little girl is seems like just yesterday that we headed to the hospital on snowy January day ... 10 days overdue, hoping that this would be the day we'd meet baby #2...

when she finally decided to make her arrival I was thrilled to hear it was a girl! When the doctor asked if we had a name, my husband and I replied at the same time...:Eily" "louisa"...whoops, I guess we had narrowed it down to our top 2 but hadn't finalized it yet!

Needless to say, Eily won out and today we are wishing her the Happiest Birthday Ever!!!! Love you little girl!

Now...for some fun birthday self & eily on the school bus going on a field trip yesterday!

Happy Birthday to our Sweet Girl Eily!


modkidboutique said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Miss Eily!!! Great pictures, momma! :)


Yummers! said...

Those are GREAT pictures of the 2 of you!!! Fun, fun, fun!

Are you showing your enthusiasm of riding on a school bus? I detest riding on school buses but I did it for my girls too.

Have you seen the old move Ferris Beuhler's Day Off??? I love the end of the movie when the little girl on the school bus asks Mr. Rooney if he wants a gummy bear and it's covered with fuzz from her pocket, etc.

Happy Birthday Eiley!

love.boxes said...

Having a fun sweetheart girl is the best thing ever! Happy Birthday!

Katarina said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Eily!!!Ahhh, time flies!!!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Eily:)