Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year!
The past few weeks have flown by with the craziness of the holidays taking over everyday life. It was hard to believe the good times were over yesterday as we waited for the bus in near sub-zero temps! We spent a lovely vacation visiting with family, skiing, playing, skating and hanging out in our pj's for hours on end. My sewing machines gathered a bit of dust as I took time off to just be with the was both relaxing and rejuvenating ! Among the holiday highlights was a new addition to the family!

We had the good fortune of adopting my aunt's 3 yeard old labradoodle - Dizzy, named for Jazz great Dizzy Gillespie! The kids were thrilled as they have known him since he was a puppy and he has the best disposition with the kids. I was thrilled because being an older dog it meant No Paper Training! Whoo Hoo - he barks at the door to be let out!

The kids had a blast sceeching behind him across the ice rink - he is almost 100 lbs and REALLY stong!

Leo got a drop spindle from castleman's shop on ETSY which put a huge smile on his face!
the kids also got these amazing masks and swords made by an artist friend of my brother and his wife. Watch out! Here they come!
Happy 2008!


Erin said...

A new doggie! Yay! He's BIG! and so cute!

modkidboutique said...

Happy New Year, my friend! What an adorable dog!!! I LOVE DOGS! Looks like you all had a great break! I can't believe your kids went back to school already! Sophie doesn't go back until the 9th... wooo... long break! LOL! Pssst... my sewing machines are STILL gathering dust. Gotta get back in the mode... somehow. ;)