Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Before..... over school break we were busy turning my sewing room/guest room into a bedroom for Miss Eily! Of course all the kids had to help - imagine painting a rather small bedroom with 3 children! Eeek! It was actually very fun & they worked very hard...I am posting the BEFORE pics tonight as I have not taken any after pics yet!

Leo painted with a splint on his finger!

Eily asked if we could paint the ceiling white or if it had to stay HONEY MUSTARD color!
dad put in a nice new window the week before!
end of day 1... ran out of primer...back to home depot in the morning!
well...I also had a bit of fun with some new listings for the boys! Leo had been asking for some of his own gock's frocks so I indulged him and am offering them on etsy as well!