Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thanks for the feature!!!

what a week it has been - I have emerged only briefly from my sewing lair to check in with the outside world - online world in this case.

I had a few pleasant surprises when I received a couple of emails that let me know I had been featured on some folks blogs! Whoo Hoo! Thanks so much!

The first was actually last Friday on an awesome blog...The Long Thread.. I have added this blog to my bookmarks as it is a great read!

Then I had the privilege of working with the photographer Virginia Payne...she featured gock's frocks on her Designers Showcase on her blog!

Today a fellow etsy faster featured me on her blog Handwoven by Kristin Kelley.... thanks so much Kristin!

And Vida's Market has gotten some good press with a link on the sidebar of Cool Mom Picks under here's something cool....

WOW! I should go into hibernation more often...but since I am here I will give you a few more sneak peeks of the goodies I have gotten ready for Vida's Market

and be sure to check out my etsy store for some fun new additions!


Anonymous said...

Good luck at the Market this weekend! I hope you sell out! ;)

skiingweaver said...

Whoo-hoo, and good luck this weekend! Your profile is on the etsyfast blog now, too, BTW. :)

Amy said...

Good for you! Hope all goes well this weekend. Amy

Kristen said...

thanks ladies!