Monday, August 25, 2008

Things happen in 3s.....

....or so they say - whoever "they" may be.....the kids & I have just returned from a fabulous week away...lots of firsts for them all - first time at the ocean, first time in Manhattan for the boys, first visit to Aunt Kimmy (see, there goes that 3 thing again).....more on all of that late
The 3 things I want to talk about were 3 brushes with fame!

On our first day in NYC we headed to the American Girl Store....I noticed a man taking pics with a BIG camera but did not think much of it - saw him a few minutes later taking someones picture...hmmmmm....wonder why? Turns out it was Brandy

klem & Brandy

kids & brandy

Needless to say my kids had no clue who she was - but I did! she was so sweet when I asked if I could take her picture with the kids - she asked them each a few questions, asking Klem how he was surviving the "girl" store!

Then we headed over to the Natural History Museum....the kids had a hot dog on the bench & as we were sitting there I noticed this sign....


then I took note of the big trailers etc...lining the street! After the museum closed they were filming Night at the Museum 2! We hung out for a bit after our visit hoping for a glimpse of Ben Stiller but the best we got was a shot of this plane that has a part in the upcoming movie!

nam2 plane

whew...what a day!

then as we headed north for home a few days later we learned that they were filming Extreme Makeover Home Edition in a town just off of our route home!
Brush with fame #3!



emhe tony

the final picture is one of the neighbors we met - Tony...he'd been watching the activity from his porch all week & was a wealth of knowledge...No, Ty was not on site ;(...but Tony may have a little role on teh show in November! They filmed a segment where Ty is in a boxing ring and they had Tony play the role of his manager, taking off Ty's robe, lacing his gloves and cheering him on! Pretty cool!

We may venture back today for the finale..."Move that Bus!"


ruby buttons said...

What a great blog, and what an exciting adventure. I know exactly what house you are talking about - I live in the area and the builders go to my church, its been pretty exciting for our little corner of the world.

PamperingBeki said...

My goodness, what a great trip!!

Extreme Makeover did a home near us a few years ago and my dh got to be involved. It was a great experience! He didn't end up on tv but he got to hang out with all the cast, get their autographs and pictures, and then the blue tshirt like you have a picture of above. He still wears it all the time and gets comments about it.

JaimeSews said...

Wow! How fun and absolutely amazing! I get so excited about things like that - I am jumping up and down for you!!

Swede at Heart said...

That is so cool! I would have been most excited about the Night at the Museum filming. That is such a fun movie!

Carlie said...

I use picasa (just google it.) It stores your pics in a really cool way, you can crop from there, make mosaics and even blog really quickly right from there. I love it!
I have also used but it is super slow!

Anonymous said...

That's so cool!

Tiff said...

WOW!! That was some vacation you guys had! Love the pictures! I didn't even know there was a Night at the Museum 2!