Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ain't she sweet............

We bought E her first sewing machine about a year and a half ago...I gave her a few lessons but the interest was not really there....until this week





she designed & sewed all on her own a top that doubles as an apron with a big pocket on the front! She also made her 1st stripwork skirt that still needs to be hemmed.

It has been so fun having her sitting next to me on her machine while I sew away on have her understand my passion and embrace it is a powerful feeling indeed.


Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique said...

Yay! So rewarding when our little ones take intrest in what we do. Her top is so cute a she looks so proud!

Rebekah said...

That is so cool! Way to go, E!

Since you posted in my original post about it, I'm letting you know it's time to wrap up the Summer Reading Groupies! Come by my blog to share what you read this summer.

modkidboutique said...

OH, that's so cool!!! Way to go, E! Sophie is interested in sewing and I even got her the Hello Kitty machine but she is so darn clumsy I'm afraid she'll sew right through her finger.... eek! I have the machine put away now because the girls were playing w/it the other day and pulled the thread all the way across the room into a big ball.

lissilulu said...

Yay for your daughter for entering the maddening but addictive world of designing and sewing!
Yay for you too in having her enter your world.
My girls (4 of them) have full access to my extra sewing machine right next to me too.
Their creations are so amazing....
and I am so blessed.

Nic said...

clever girl. it seems designing talent is genetic...isn't it wonderful (and sometimes scary) how they follow in our footsteps?

Tie Dye Diva said...

Way to go, Eily! I am so impressed! My kids (5 and 7) have not gotten beyond bookmarks and small pillows, and neither of them has the fabric love yet. But I keep hoping ...

Sweet Sunshine Boutique said...

Awwww, that is so wonderful! Looks like we have a fabulous new Gocksfrocks designer on our hands!! Tell E the top/apron is darling!!


pinkfig said...

Oh my gosh!

That is so awesome!!! You are such a good mommy:)


stinkypeteandcompany said...

Oh I so want la' Stink to choose sewing as the link that binds us (the alternatives are moodiness, eccentricity and mental instability - come on sewing- sewing...!)
Yeah E!!!