Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Holiday Shoppes are over...while it was a long 3 days + 1 day to set-up it was a lot of fun!

holiday shoppes08 001

I need to thank my fabulous helpers without whom I could never have done it...Jocelyn, Amy, Susan & Erin - you gals ROCK gock's frocks! A big ol' smooch to all of you!

I also had a great time meeting other creative ladies...Stephanie neighbor and amazing painter and Charlotte of Hand Candy Mitten fame as well as one of my "imaginary" friends that I made online but had never met!

Renee & her darling daughter Sierra paid me a visit on Saturday & put a HUGE smile on my face ;)
holiday shoppes08 025

holiday shoppes08 022

holiday shoppes08 009

holiday shoppes08 006

holiday shoppes08 014

holiday shoppes08 015

Jocelyn, Susan & I enjoyed a little down time Saturday night!

holiday shoppes08 029

I was feeling just a tad tired....

holiday shoppes08 032

thanks again to all who stopped by my booth...I am already looking forward to seeing you again next year!


Creative B Bee said...

Wow! I think you really have wonderful time fot THAT few days!!!

Marie said...

Wow! What a beautiful shop with lots of eye candy! How come I don't ever see shops that cute around here when it's holiday craft market time? Everything looked beautiful! Great job!

Katarina said...

Oh so glad you shared those lovely pics!!!!!I'm impressed with quantity of clothes you had/sewn!!!!An entire store!!!WOW!!!!

Fledgling said...


That is a TON of work. A labor of love, clearly, but that's a marathon of work and preparation.

Congratulations on your success. You have provided many girls with beautiful, memorable holiday gifts this year.

Hats off!


P.S. My word verification is "liker". As in "not hater". Me likey!