Monday, February 01, 2010

I have a confession ...

or maybe I should say obsession! I am in love with Ariat boots! I treated myself to a pair about a year and a half ago and wear them all the time. Over the holidays I spotted some new styles on sale and scooped them up ... now these are taunting me!

"buy me, buy me, buy me!"

Do shoes ever talk to you? What is your favorite place for online shoe shopping? Can I tempt you with these???

just google ariat and you will find some great sites selling them - some of my favorite include and this site endless shoes & handbags seems to have some good sales too.


~April~ said...

I do not like to shop online for shoes! I must try them on and don't want to have to deal with return shipping.

Shoes most definitely speak to me...I'm more of a brightly colored high heel or sparkly ballet flat type of a girl, though! If those boots were just a bit more dainty in the toe and heel areas, I could swing it!

Anonymous said...

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