Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Whirlwind....

of activities have taken place since my last posting! One of the highlights was going to hear Al Gore speak! WOW! What an amazing presenter...he spoke for over 2 hours with no notes & his info was up to the minute current including photos of a fire that was burning that day in Florida! His message is such an important one that I hope more people take the time to listen.

We also celebrated april & may family birthdays with a cinco de mayo fiesta! I made the most scrumptious chicken enchiladas from Martha Stewarts Everyday Food magazine...Delicious!!

Sunday was gorgeous so Eily & I took some new modeling pictures. We stumbled upon a Brazilian group (complete with rollerblading juggler!) that was singing and dancing outside so we stopped to was so cool!

Monday found me home with 2 sick kids & one wanting to stay home out of sympathy to the other 2! I managed to sneak in a bit of sewing as I needed to get a set off to my partner for the Wisterialane Guest Launch happening next week.
I also listed the first of 2 new mix-n-match sets for the Children of the World Launch...the first is called Imagine .
The coordinating set will be listed later this week.
I will also be listing the red, white & blue set seen above as part of Gyl's
Use What You Have Launch! I have another set in the works for that too!
Leo and I are headed out to enjoy the sunshine today!
Have a wonderful day!


Erin said...

Cute pics!

Oh, and you've been tagged for some FUN--- see my blog!

AnnaBella*Designs said...

Hey Kristen..
You have been tagged...Check my blog!!!
Aida :o)