Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Big Apple

I promised some photos from our trip sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

6:00 am - waiting for the train at the station

our favorite place to go on the train - the SNACK BAR! At 8:50 the kids were ready for lunch!

getting close....about to cross over to Manhattan

saturday afternoon - sunny and gorgeous - Eily sees Ellis Island & the statue of liberty

mmmmmmm....gotta have a hot pretzel on the streets of NY!

Sunday morning we spotted the opening of the Macy's 34th annual flower show and decided to pop in to check it out

the store windows were decorated with a floral outfit from each decade...this was the 50s

we spotted my idol...up close & IN PERSON! Martha Stewart was there to cut the ribbon to open the show!

eily marvels at the height of the buildings

Sunday afternoon we spent a delightful afternoon watching a Pippi Longstocking marionette show at the Swedish Cottage in Central Park

this was followed by a stop at Dean & Delucca for some lunchtime provisions....only managed a few snaps before I was told pics aren't allowed

Monday Morning - Happy St Pat's day and Eily's first visit to American Girl Place


watching the parade...I knit the hats on the train ride down...
my nephew Maxim, Eily & my sister
(just coffee in her cup ~ we're getting old!)

this stop is 1 block from Parsons....home of Project Runway!

we stopped at the Hershey store where they had some of the designs from this seasons challenge!

a quick visit to MOOD! just to say I've been there time for any real shopping, hoped to soak in some of the genius

I will be posting all of my photos from the trip on my flickr site later this week - pop over there is you want to see more!


GrayEyedScorpio said...

Wow! You've been to MOOD! Someday I won't be able to shop there due to family impatience, too. :)

Nic said...

wow, what a trip! you're a lucky girl!! :) thanks for sharing those pics.

Monkey Doodle said...

WOW! That trip looks like so much fun!

modkidboutique said...

WOW, Kristen! I am sooo envious of everything you got to do! Wish I could have been there with you! I love your pictures... HOW FUN! Thanks for sharing!