Friday, March 28, 2008

Some New Models for some New Skirts!

Klem & his buddy decided to help me photograph my latest skirt collection...Ginger Blossom....his friend was not so sure when he learned I was putting him on the internet LOL....

I love that Klem is still at that age where he can be playful and spontateous...I hope he does not lose that as he gets older.

this sweet dress has just been listed at .99 No Reserve on ebay!

ginger blossom dress

and my latest skirt collection has just been put in my Etsy store

my next post will be my 100th so I am off to put on my thinking cap for a way to celebrate the occassion!


Katarina said...

LOL what a great new models you have!!!
I can see that you've been very busy sewing and have some great new stuff!!!!
Love the pics from NY too:P!!!


Yummers! said...

Love your new models and really love the name "Klem"... how cool.

Happy anniversary... almost.

sunshine*kisses said...

to funny about the models love the colors oh and by the way your tagged come by my blog to check out the rules

Gina said...

LOL Love the boys "modeling"!

I've just tagged you too! I'm at

giraffikiki*kidz said...

Hilarious! I've tagged you too, lol. Check out my blog for the details. :) Shelley

MoppetsClosets said...

okay - that is really funny!!
And the fact that I had just tagged you too. lol
Stop by my blog to get the details :)

gumdrop*shop said...

YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED!!!!! Check my blog for more details!!!!!!

Lynn said...

Your new models just crack me up!!!! Too funny! Man...I just noticed you've been tagged a TON!!!! LOL!!!!


The Downtown Boutique said...

Goodness! I guess this is the tag blog!
It's fun that your son would be that silly, and not be too embarassed...especially with another guy friend around! I LOVE the skirts, by the way!


Becky said...

Love your models - and that your son is so uninhibited, too...

The skirts are really great!

Anjanette said...

Love those models, lol!!! How fun!

Bowznstuff said...

teee hee - luv the photos

Katarina said...

Hey, it's me again...I tagged you ,too, so if you feel like it,please, come to see , even that you already know the "rules"