Monday, July 14, 2008

Sharing some favorites......

happy monday everybody!

I have been meaning to share this tip with all of you in blogland...Patty from Modkid was kind enough to mention it to me and I LOVe it so I am passing it along to you....many of you may already know about it but I was a bit, what is this wonder you ask?

It is none other than


bloglines has allowed me to manage my unruly number of favorite blogs that I love to visit.

After subscribing to bloglines (which is free) you are able to subscribe to a blogs feed then you need only to go to your feed list on bloglines to see which of your favorite blogs have updated with new eliminates clicking through to your growing list of blogs (if you are anything like me) and simply check on them all from bloglines! Hope that tip helps ;)

Another favorite I wanted to share is a lovely little package that arrived from Geeta!

I was the lucky winning bidder in an auction on ebay and received the most gorgeous necklace and wristlet from her...I wanted to share them with all of you!

they are even more lovely in person but her photos are gorgeous as well!


Mary said...

Those are beautiful! Wow!

And, yeah, Bloglines has to be just about the best thing ever. Although it's so addictive to click that little "Sub with Bloglines" in my toolbar. I can't get even a day behind or I have no hope of catching up.

Nic said...

my wrist is currently ridiculously jealous of your wrist.

Ruth said...

Yes, Bloglines is great. Now I can waste even more time reading blogs because they're all in one spot!

BTW, I think the dresses you sew are are absolutely beautiful!

Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique said...

Love her leather flowers!! I think my wrist is a little jealous too ;o)