Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Way too much fun....

Amy from Angry Chicken has directed me to a fun site that I have been spending too much time on this morning...good thing I woke up early & couldn't get back to sleep!

Here are some of the creations I have come up with...






remember I warned you it is addicting! Have fun ;)


Fledgling said...

You ARE having way to much fun.

But, hey! It could happen! So you might as well be prepared when they ask you which designs you want on the cover of Vogue!


Laura said...

very cool kristen!

Sweet Sunshine Boutique said...

Ok...I am addicted! I have been on for 1 hour...gotta peel myself away & run some errands, so much fun Kristen :0)


Mel said...

I had fun playing with this too! I missed that post on Amy's blog.
I passed it on to my friends so we can all waste time... at least having fun. =)

Hello too, from the Joy of Sewing group. I love your skirts.. the ones I remember were hanging out on the line. Too cute.

PamperingBeki said...

*gasp* I MUST try this!!

Sabii Wabii said...

OK now you did it...like just blogging and flickr groups are not enough.....something else to keep me away from doing MY art! Arg!

xoxotova said...

ohmg that IS fun!! I just posted one on my blog and my flickr.. and hey kristin I linked your fun blog too! xoxo's tanya