Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chilling out in Aspen!

Last week was school break so we headed to Aspen, Colorado to see family & ski! Unfortunately I only had my point & shoot camera and there was no SD card in it so I only got a few photos but thought I would share them with you.

aspen 09 021

aspen 09 018
4 out of 5 - missing the tween! too cool???

aspen 09 005

DH plays as hard as the kids! On the terrain park with a broken hand from the week before skiing back east!

aspen 09 013

Oh Yeah!!!

One funny story to share - from the time we were young my grandparents had instilled in us that when you travel, you should look nice. So....I took a bit of care choosing my outfit - nothing too fancy, but no sweats. All went well until the plane touched down at the Vail airport. It was after midnight east coast time and our youngest dozed in the seat next to me. I pulled him onto my lap while the rest of the plane emptied out....before I knew it or could stop it I was greeted with a warm wet feeling on my leg - yep...I had been peed on!

Luckily I had a change of clothes for everyone in my carry-on so I scooted us off the plane & into the restroom to change. Unfortunately, to minimize the space the clothes took up in the carry-on, I had packed my pajama pants as my change of clothes. This meant I got to walk through the Vail airport in cheetah spotted flannel sleep pants! Sorry Grandma & Grandpa! I was just glad the camera was still packed.

aspen 09 011

aspen 09 009