Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Meet the newest member of the gock's frocks family....


She was inspired by my customers & friends who have adopted from China...she is one of my first forays into the word of softies and WOW - I can see how this could become addictive!


I started with the red polka dot body...planning to add a removeable skirt. This led to the wrap around tunic!


Then as I was tying her shoes for her...she is still learning how...I thought they resembled ballet shoes - in which case she needed a tutu!


So as I was sewing up her tutu I figured she needed something to carry her tutu in to dance class so I whipped up a little side sling bag and a hat to keep her warm on her walk!

she is available in my etsy shop or visit my flickr account to see more goodies from our photo shoot - she is a great little model!

I thought she would be perfect for a gotcha day celebration or other special occassion...I am planning on making more as this was So much fun to do!


Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique said...

So Cute Kristen!!!!
My mom use to sew dolls for my sister and I when we were young. They were by far our Favorites! I saved mine for my girls.

Your little gal will make a sweet treasure for some happy young lady.


nic said...

yeeee she's a sweet one! sure makes me wish my cash flow was a little more, um, flowish, so she could come live at my house. :)

Geeta said...

She's gorgeous!!! Wow Kristin, keep these coming!