Friday, April 13, 2007

Happy Friday ~

Curious George is on right now so I have had a moment to catch up on reading Blogs, checking my auctions and answering emails...

I came across this little funny actvity..

Your German Name is:

Frauke Ammelie

What's" Your German Name?

click the link to find your german name and see what you get!

and speaking of German names...I listed a new collaboration last night with my friend Patty of ModkidBoutique...we each made part of a set for the Elte Euro Bavarian Fairytale Launch on ebay...our set is titled Gretel and can be found here, Patty designed the peasant style dress using vintage cotton calico and vintage crocheted trim and I contributed the apron with appliqued trees, bird and hand beaded 'breadcrumbs' sure to check it out as Patty is a graphics guru and the listing is delightful!

enjoy you Friday!


Amy said...

I love that outfit! Great job.

Em_bellish said...

Love this set, so sweet!