Tuesday, April 03, 2007

how Leo is like a knock-knock joke...

think back to your childhood...do you remember the knock-knock joke that goes:

"who's there?"
"banana who?"
"knock knock"
"who's there"
"banana who?"...and this goes on for another exchange until the person gets fustrated and rspond in a rather grumpy voice and the jokester switches from banana to orange and says.."orange you glad I didn't say banana.."

well...Leo can be a bit intense and relentless with his running commentary on everything around him...but he has this sense of knowing when he has pushed me a little too far too...after about the 10th "Mama...." (followed by a question or comment), he will ask one more time.."Mama...I love you", which of course instantly melts my heart...He is a one of a kind kid!

Well, let's see, I think i promised a few more sneak peeks of my upcoming designs...here is the link to my current ebay auction for this set...I was surprised to see a bid within 20 minutes of listing!! Thanks Mandy! and have already sold the sample set to a friend of Eily's!

I have another set ending later today that I had so much fun creating...it was for a Beatle's themed launch on ebay and I used an European Apron dress pattern that I made fully reversible for 4 great looks..here is the link to check it out...Medley

Leo and I are headed to the elementary school to have lunch with Eily and Klem and play on the playground...he loves to go over there and buy lunch in the lunch line!

I have to finish a couple of customs before I can start on anything new...

Have a great day!